10 best Educational Apps For Kids

10 best Educational Apps For Kids 2020

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Today in this article we are going to discuss, 10 best Educational Apps For Kids.  Those apps will engage children’s brains and allow children to have fun without knowing they’re learning. Educational apps are the best and fun way for your kids to learn anything  in house.


10. YouTube Kids

YouTube kids is World’s most Popular video app Specially for kids. YouTube kids app is safe videos browsing, it created to Not only gives your kids entertainment but also teaches your kids many educational things through videos even they noticing they’re learning. YouTube Kids also allows parents to restrict videos, set their preference, set time limits and so on By Parental controls.

9. Animal Sounds 150  

Animal Sounds, is an entertaining app with Pretty Good design, which offers Over 150+ real animals & birds sounds along with High Definition animal Images in 150+ countries. It also Offers more than 60 languages with clear high quality audio sounds, which helps your kids to spot them, learn theirs Names & details in His/her own native language. Also have Excellent games For kids.

8. Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

Kids Doodle: Color & Draw,, is one of the best Educational Apps For Kid. It helps your kids to increase their drawing skills. Let your lovely kids allow to use theirs little Finger to draw freely & paint anything, anytime whatever they want. Due to having undo and redo buttons facilities, can easily correct any kind of mistakes. There are over 18+ different brushes available for use in different purpose. It also let you allow to record a video of the drawing. In short, Kids Doodle is One of the most interesting drawing app for your artist kids.

7. Spot it

Spot it: Find the Difference,, is one of the best Educational Apps For Kid. There are over 80+ puzzles and fun game where kids need to spot difference between two otherwise similar Image which helps your kids to improve their skills. Spot it, is totally free game, helps to find out latent talent and good for mind training

6. Word Cross

Word Cross, is Worldwide popular an educational Word game app, created to challenge your brain. Suitable for both kids & adult, helps to easily improve English word search skills. Over 2000+ levels are available there to play That helps your kids & adult to Improve deep logical skills dramatically. Word Cross is full of entertainment, fun & totally free offline game. If you want to get some unforgettable experience then you should try this.

5. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is One of the best recommend app for Build Excellent classroom communication. ClassDojo created to track students behavior, character, progress, developmental skills and share those reports between teachers & theirs parents. If students does something good, then they will able to earn “Dojo point” and a lots of “dojo point” offers them a lot of prizes. ClassDojo received Best education Innovation Award from US Tv Show, named “The Today Show”. ClassDojo Has been used all Over 180 counties for Build Excellent classroom communication

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the World’s highly rated app for learning language, allows students of all ages in an extremely enjoyable way. Duolingo  is one of the best Educational Apps For Kids. Which offers over 80+ different language courses for free. Over 300 million people all over the world have choice Duolingo as because they believe That Duolingo teaches The best way to learn multiple language.

3. DragonBox

DragonBox is an educational game app, created to helps your kids to learn easily the fundamentals of geometry with interesting puzzles. Around 100+ Puzzle levels are available there to play That helps your kids to Improve deep logical skills dramatically. In 2016, DragonBox Won “G4C” award Because of Best Learning Game App. Well adult guidance may be required for young children.

2. ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics

ABC Spelling: Spell & Phonics,, is most popular alphabet learning app! This perfect design and best educational app is easy to use and created as for helps young children to learn words easily, spell phrases, pronunciation and so on. This wonderful fun app helps kids to develop their knowledge so deeply. this colorful graphic & wonderful animation app is offers to play game parents and kids together.

1. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids: Tracing & Phonics,, is highly recommend ads free best Educational Apps For Kids! This wonderful designed app is so friendly with kids, where it having no 3rd party ads, no hidden charges or no tricks. It created as for purely teaches kids to learn words easily, pronunciation, spell phrases anywhere, anytime. This colorful graphic & wonderful animation app is offers Parents to set option as they wish. Simply great educational app ever

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