Invisible weapon is coming to makes you invisible

Invisible weapon is coming to makes you invisible

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Just imagine Invisible weapon Has made you invisible. Now what will be your feeling?

Actually Being Invisible is everyone’s desire! A lots of Movies, a lots of Novels, upto thousands of Articles had been published base on this topic. As a cite of example “The Invisible Man” was a science fiction novel written by “H. G. Wells”. Worldwide Scientists are trying to Make this thing possible!

The invisible

Also had a Swedish American teen supernatural movie named “The invisible” published on 2007. There was a boy named Nick Powell plans to skip his graduation and rather to fly London for a writing program. There was also a girl named Annie Newton who liked to have violence all the time. One day Nick Powell mercilessly beaten by Annie and her crew. They dump his body into a sewer as they believes they have killed Nick. The next morning something supernatural occurred. Nick goes to school and find that no one can see or hear him! He returns home but surprisingly find his mother, as she has filed a missing person’s report and the police are investigating nick’s disappearance. After a while, Nick realizes that he is still alive but unconscious and having an out-of-body experience.

Hollow Man

There was another popular movie named “Hollow Man” is a 2000 sci-fi horror thriller which is directed by sir Paul Verhoeven. Where a person named Sebastian Caine is an ambitious molecular biologist. who has developed something crazy for the military, a serum that can render the subject invisible. Sebastian test The procedure on Sebastian himself. Fortunately or unfortunately, The test is successful and he turns completely invisible!!

Daily Mirror Article 

Recently Daily mirror international newspaper have published an interesting article about this Topic. A group of Canadians Scientists Have told that, they are so far to make this thing possible!! And they are working hard for it. So it is expected that Invisible Weapon is Coming Soon To Makes You invisible!


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